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February 2019

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 I'd like to join your guild :)

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PostSubject: I'd like to join your guild :)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:41 pm

-IGN: Schahat
-Level: 139
-Job: Smithing

-Name: Rafael
-Age: 25
-Gender: Male
-Country: Netherlands, but I am spanish

-List of previous Guilds: MapleMantix, but I don't think you would know this guild, it was a friendly spanish guild back in GMS 0.49 or so, I don't really remember the version. I had an around lv100 Bishop in those times. Just came back to MS.

-Do you know any Member of Galicia?: No, but I'd rly like to Smile
-Why do you want to join Galicia?: I was googling for guilds in Kradia and I saw Chizaru's post in the nexon forums and it seemed to be that I could find a mature and serious guild.
Right now I'm "guildless" and I was looking forward to join a good guild and stay there.

-Your opinion regarding duped gears, hacks and scamming?: I would always expect someone to cheat and scam the other people, not just in MS, sadly, there's always someone going the "easy" way. Hate scammers the most since the perjudice other people and not just themselves. About duped gears I don't know anything since I never heard about. I do remember the vacum hackers in GMS, but didn't see any of those these days. Also, I don't know if players can still report them, I tried to do it with the meso seller spammers in FM but couldn't figure out how. Personally, I don't see the point in cheating, if I am ever going to get a good gear I want to get it myself and remember how nice it is to have it and how hard was to get it, and I like to play with people that enjoys the game this way too.

-How do you gain mesos?: This is a funny one, right now I am poor guy and since I didn't play for years I'm kind of lost here, thinking of the many millions I need to get the nice stuff I see at FM. Atm I just keep doing some bosses and saving mining stuff to sell or craft something to sell too.

-How long have you been playing Maplestory: I am not really sure, played during 2 years long time ago with in Bera GMS. Now I've been back for the past 2 weeks. I am kind of new when it comes to all the patches and new stuff, but I'm getting used to it since I already know the main thing of the game.
-How many hours you play each week?: Over 20

-Tell us something about yourself: Right now I am studying in the netherlands and since the weather is so bad outside I can spend some time playing MS. I believe I am a respectful and cooperative player, I really like to help other people if I can and share the few things I have if somebody needs them. I am calm and positive, there's no need to get anxious to do anything. I like to enjoy the moment.

-Why should we invite you into the guild?: Because I will put effort in making the guild better as far as I can, and help the other members of the guild since it's very boring to play for oneself. Right now I play an Aran since I was always curious to play a warrior, but usually played supporter roles in many games and I really like it.


Kind regards,
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PostSubject: Re: I'd like to join your guild :)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:20 pm

Hello Rafael, Nice application, as you might know this guild has started, so we arent that active yet, so i dont think we make such a pressure on the application's atm, even thought youre the first one actually making one. So i dont really see anything missing in the app, but good luck!!!

Theres a big YES from me Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: I'd like to join your guild :)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:38 pm

Hello Rafael, and welcome to the forum.

My first impression of you is positive, you seem really mature and determined. The application itself is also decent.

We aren't using the app section atm, since we are still a bit new. Therefore you already got invited after a convo ingame. Welcome once again.


Quitted Maplestory after being hacked.
TylerC the founder of Galicia, created in 24/02/2013
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PostSubject: Re: I'd like to join your guild :)   

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I'd like to join your guild :)
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