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PostSubject: About Us   Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:15 pm

About Galicia

Galicia was created in February 2013 in EMS Kradia by a guy named TylerC. The name is emerged by Galicia which is an autonomous community in northwest Spain, i chose the name because it appealed to me and it is something we can reflect to, regarding their intentions and what they stand for. I also find the name very attractive and remarkeble which is another reason why  i named it so. The purpose with this guild is to establish a unique network and together build a special bond within this unbreakable cooperation. we will simply turn this so called guild into a family where you can feel comfortable and have fun, grinding, and of course experience lots of bossing. This is a place where we see each other as equal human beings and shows respect. Even though there is ranks inherited in EMS which makes it look like a hierarchy we are still equivalent.

Respect and Loyalty is something we put much emphasis on.


If you meet the following requirements, and if our guild appeals to you. Don't hesitate and feel free to apply in order to become a part of our family.

• A solid understanding of English
• Friendly, active, and Mature
• No history of hacking or Scamming
• Importantly, discipline and dedication
• We are currently 130+
• Treat others as you want to be treated

See the guild rules here:

Anyone is welcome in our guild as long as they have a good behavior and fairly active playing. Our level requirement is 130+ atm due to bossing, grinding and so on. Our union named Core consists of our main guild Galicia, and our Jr guild Gally which is available for those who are below level 130. If you joined the Jr guild and reached 130 you can be moved to the main guild of course. If you wanna join any of them remember to stand out, and just be yourself and prove that you deserve a space in here.

You can join Galicia by making a application here:

In order to get a good chance to get accepted just be yourself and put much effort into it and you can almost be sure that it will pay off afterwards you will get a chance to show what you're made of, by receiving a trial basis. Thereafter we can get to meet you, and see if you would fit in. We also got a Guild FM where we hang out and having a chit-chat when we aren't grinding, bossing etc. It's located in Fm1 Ch7 so feel free to visit us.

Guild Ranks

Slave - Trial Member
Citizen - Passed Trial/ Junior Member
Soldier - Advanced Member
Knight - Jr Master
Emperor - Master

Guild Master


Junior Masters

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About Us
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